Finding reliable, take-home skincare solutions can be a challenge, but a good place to start is by finding a line of products that are physician formulated, tested, and approved. iS CLINICAL® offer clients a convenient and effective way to protect and cleanse their skin on a daily basis, while also addressing specific skin care concerns.

REJÚV esthetics is committed to providing our patients with the best skin care products and aesthetic treatments available today; that’s why we’re proud to offer iS CLINICAL®’s exclusive line of products. For more information about our practice or any of the services we offer, contact us today.

The Science of Pure Chemistry®

The skin is a complex organ that requires complex skin care technology to make sure that it is properly taken care of. The first step to both selecting and developing the right line of skincare products is to better understand how the skin itself works.

The skin is made up of two primary layers: the epidermis and the. The epidermis is closer to the surface of the skin and is comprised of four layers. These layers work to keep water in, keep infection out, and ensure that body temperature is even and regulated. The innermost layer, the dermis, provides the skin with strength and elasticity, comprised mainly of connective tissue.

Depending upon the problem that is being addressed, skin care products are designed to affect either the epidermis, dermis or both. The effects that external environmental factors, diet, hydration, hormones, and genetic predispositions have on these layers is another vital part of developing skin care products.

iS CLINICAL products are scientifically advanced, physician-developed skin care solutions that take all of these factors into account, producing clinically proven, highly effective results. They better help our own skin care professionals create effective, customized treatment plans that meet the needs of all our patients.

Professional Facials

To complement our home care products, we offer the following iS CLINICAL® facials that are luxurious, powerful and dramatically effective to address all skin types and concerns.

  • RENEW FACIAL – $95Exfoliating, clearing facial – Designed to exfoliate with soothing and
    healing benefits. This facial would benefit oily, congested, acne prone,
    or otherwise problematic skin.RESURFACING FACIAL –  $110Resurfacing, Anti-Aging, Brightening, Smoothing – A fire & ice treatment designed to rapidly and safely resurface the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, smoothing, softening and encouraging cellular renewal. Preferably for aging skin.


    Gentle, Calming, Hydrating – Facial using iS Clinical products specifically designed
    for each individual skin type. All skin types include hands, feet, and scalp massage.


    Clarifying, Exfoliating, Foaming enzyme facial – Features active foaming agents for light and
    effective exfoliation. This facial is for all skin types, leaving skin clear
    and glowing for days.

    BEARD FACIAL – $99

    Just for men – Treatment designed to focus on problematic areas men face. Involving cleanse, exfoliation, steam, high frequency, mask, moisturize, and groom.

    DERMAPLANING – $75 or $25 Add-on

    Smooth & Refreshing – Dermaplaning is a safe and highly effective physical exfoliation procedure. It requires the use of a sterile, surgical scalpel to gently “shave” the skin’s surface, removing the top-most layer of dead skin along with fine, vellus hair (aka peach fuzz).

    MICRODERMABRASION  $125 or $50 Add-on

    Do you ever look in the mirror and wish that your face had a more even skin tone? You may want to consider microdermabrasion. This non-invasive treatment gently exfoliates your skin. After a series of treatments, your complexion can appear smoother, brighter, and more even in color.


    Mechanical Lymphatic Drainage detoxifies the skin to help reduce fluid retention/swelling and increase circulation. The purpose of lymphatic drainage massage is to move fluid out of your tissues into lymph nodes where bacteria, viruses and other harmful microorganisms are destroyed. It reduces swelling and pain and stimulates your immune system, increasing the circulation of white blood cells.

Whether you’re fighting the signs of aging, keeping your skin healthy, or recovering from a recent procedure, iS CLINICAL® products and facials offer something for everyone.

Interested in learning more about the iS CLINICAL® line or scheduling a facial? Contact REJÚV esthetics today!

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When it comes to physician-approved skincare, iS CLINICAL® products are the best of the best. Every product was created using the expertise of a world-class team of skin care specialists, including geneticists, pharmacologists, and physicians. Careful attention is paid to local and global ethical concerns at every step of the production process of iS CLINICAL® products.

This luxurious line provides patients with access to nearly every type of essential skincare product including:

▪ Antioxidants ▪ At-home kits ▪ Cleansers ▪ Exfoliants ▪ Eye Care ▪ Masques ▪ Moisturizers ▪ Serums ▪ Sun Protection

Whether you’re fighting the signs of aging, keeping your skin healthy, or recovering from a recent procedure, iS CLINICAL® products offer something for everyone.

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