Profractional™ Laser for Acne Scar Treatment

Just about everyone has a time in their life when they are battling acne. For the majority of us, it’s just a phase that we go through, and then we have clear, healthy skin for the rest of our lives. For some individuals, however, acne is a plague that is with them throughout their teenage years and into their adult lives. In some cases, the acne becomes so severe that it leaves behind scars that damage a person’s appearance.

As a result of this scarring, a person is left with very low self-esteem. Having scarring after acne is exceptionally frustrating because a person may go through an expensive skin care treatment program, treat their acne and still be left with skin that looks as bad, if not worse, as it looked when they had acne. A lot of individuals who are battling with post-acne scars feel at a loss. They feel that there is nothing that can be done to give them the smooth skin they want.

There are a lot of treatments available that promise to be able to get rid of acne scars. However, very few have proven to be as effective as Profractional™ laser treatment.

A lot of traditional resurfacing treatments are designed to resurface large sections of skin. So if a person has acne scars on their cheeks, for example, the entire cheek may be resurfaced with the goal of removing the scars. With Profractional™ laser treatments, only a narrow diameter channel is treated in the skin, so only a fraction of the area that needs treatment is actually resurfaced by the procedure.

When the skin is affected in this area, the body’s healing response kicks in. Since the skin around the affected area is intact, the body is able to heal the treated area quickly. As a result, the patient can see scar reduction with greater comfort, shorter healing times and often with dramatic results.

Our experts are going to work with you to see how intense of a treatment you are going to need. The depth of the treatment, the duration of the treatment and the power of the pulse that is used can all be adjusted by the practitioner to address your specific needs. Profractional™ laser treatments can be used on people regardless of their skin type.

Profractional™ laser treatments are a powerful tool that can drastically improve the appearance of someone who is battling with acne scars. However, as with all cosmetic procedures, the best results come to those who have realistic expectations. While this procedure can go a long way in improving the way you look, it may not be able to give you skin that is as smooth as it was when you were a child. However, what it can do is improve your appearance. It can make your skin look smoother, and it can give you the confidence you need to face the world with pride.

If you are sick and tired of your acne scars, try the Profractional™ laser at REJÚV esthetics in Poplar Bluff. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation to learn more about how this non-surgical treatment can benefit you.

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