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Looking to get luscious lips? The REJÚV esthetics has put together a guide for choosing the right style along with some frequently asked questions answered for your benefit.

There are 3 styles to choose from – Perk, Pout, and Plump.

• Perk – A subtle volume increase while maintaining a natural look.

• Pout – A more defined lip border, added fullness and outward projection.

• Plump – Noticeable volume increase for glamourous-looking lips.

Serving Poplar Bluff in the Coppertop and surrounding areas in Missouri, REJÚV esthetics is your premier destination for superior quality skincare and state-of-the-art laser treatments. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to discover the best lip treatment for you.

What can I expect during my lip injection sessions?

You can request to have an anesthetic or a numbing cream be applied to numb the area around your lips. If not, there is a slight pinch feeling at the beginning with a slight sting throughout the injection. Once completed, the area will be massaged a little and then iced for about 10 minutes. And that’s it!

How long do my lip injections last?

Lip injections can last up to 4 to 6 months. Regular follow ups are required to maintain the achieved look. If you stop the injections, your lips will return to as they were prior to the treatments.

What is it like after the session? How long until I see the results?

There is zero downtime when it comes to getting lip injections. At first, your lips will swell up slightly. As for the effects, they are fairly quickly. After 24 hours, your lips will settle and the swelling with diminish. After this, your lips will start to plump up and remain filled out for months to come. It is strongly suggested that you avoid any physically demanding activities on the day of the procedure as well.

How does it feel to have injected lips? What if I don't like them?

When done correctly, lips with injections feel just as natural as regular lips. And because injectables use HA, which is not permanent, you can request to have a follow up where the nurse practitioner will apply a hyaluronidase eraser enzyme which will undo the filler in just a few minutes.

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