Unwanted Body Hair? Skin Imperfections? Get Rid Of It All With Laser Treatments

How Laser Treatments Are Solving Unwanted Body Hair and Skin Imperfections

laser treatment poplar bluff

What Makes It So Great?

Whether you’re dealing with unwanted body hair or skin imperfections, laser treatments are worth considering as they become more and more in demand as solutions to these very concerns.

But How Does It Reduce Unwanted Body Hair?

Given the precision and control of laser and its ability to get into the deeper layers of the skin, that generally means we can target things at their core. Deep in the skin lies the hair follicles that produce hair, whether or not we like it. When you shave and wax, you simply can’t get deep enough to rid the problem at its source. You can mitigate it temporarily at best. But with laser, the solution becomes a bit more lasting.

What Kind Of Conditions Can It Help With?

We use laser treatments to help treat a number of conditions and concerns:

  • Aging/Damaged Skin – With laser, we can stimulate the production of one of the most important building blocks of skin – collagen. This leads to faster skin healing.
  • Aging/Loose Skin – Whether it’s on the neck, chin, stomach or jawline, laser treatment can help greatly in tightening up the skin in these areas.
  • Unwanted Body Hair – As described above, laser’s precision to target hair follicles makes the return of unwanted body hair far less persisting.
  • Facial Redness, Hyperpigmentation and Visible Veins – Once again, due to the encouraged production of collagen, we can have the skin heal from inside out.

How Do I Know If This Is Right For Me?

As always, the first step is to schedule a consultation so we can evaluate your concerns up close and provide you with the best treatment plan that works best for you personally. All our treatments are personalized to match your skin in order for you to benefit from the best results. You can always give us a call at 573-686-2255, by reaching out to us in writing or visiting us at our Poplar Bluff location.

laser treatment poplar bluff

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