Although you look at your reflection in the mirror every day, it can be difficult to see everything that is going on with your skin both on and under the surface. To maintain the health and appearance of your skin for the long-term, receiving a targeted skincare program that is tailored to your individual condition often yields the best results, and with the VISIA® complexion analysis at REJÚV esthetics, we can help you understand everything that’s happening with your skin.

Using the top of the line FotoFinder Bodystudio ATBM Aesthetics allows us to to produce full body photo documentation in the form of consistent before and after images for practically any medical, aesthetic, or surgical procedures.

Serving Poplar Bluff in the Coppertop and surrounding areas in Missouri, REJÚV esthetics is your premier destination for professional skincare and advanced laser skin therapies. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and find out how the VISIA® complexion analysis and FotoFinder Bodystudio ATBM Aesthetics Imaging Solution can help you understand your current skin condition as well as track the progress of your skin rejuvenation treatments over time.

What is the VISIA® Complexion Analysis?

Featuring high quality, standardized facial images from the left, right, and frontal views, the VISIA® complexion analysis uses specially designed cross-polarized and UV lighting to record and measure conditions of the skin surfaces and subsurfaces. These images provide real-time visualization to identify and track the progress of multiple skin conditions such as:

  • Brown spots
  • Textural inconsistencies
  • Enlarged pores
  • UV spots
  • Red areas
  • And more!

Why Receive a VISIA® Complexion Analysis at REJÚV esthetics?

This comprehensive complexion analysis offers multiple benefits to patients such as:

  • Customized reports that use your unique complexion analysis to recommend treatments and products for ongoing skin care
  • These reports are printable and contain user-friendly information for patients regarding their skin condition and recommended treatment options
  • At REJÚV esthetics, we understand that skincare is not a cookie cutter treatment, and based on the results of your VISIA® complexion analysis, we offer multiple non-surgical skin rejuvenation therapies at our Poplar Bluff office depending on your condition and aesthetic goals.
  • Once you choose a skin care program that is right for you, you can have another set of images taken to track your progress over time for long-term age management.

Regardless of your skin tone, type, and condition, the majority of both men and women can benefit from having a complexion analysis. Whether you’re fighting the signs of aging, keeping your skin healthy, or recovering from a recent procedure, iS CLINICAL® products and facials offer something for everyone.

What is FotoFinder Bodystudio ATBM Aesthetics?

The FotoFinder Bodystudio ATBM system allows us to take total body images in less than 5 minutes. By positioning you properly, the camera will move up and down automatically take a series of consistent photos.

Why use FotoFinder Bodystudio ATBM Aesthetics?

Using the top of the line FotoFinder Bodystudio ATBM Aesthetics will allow us to better produce full body documentation by having accurate before and afters to track your progress, thanks to its consistent and accurate technology.

Contact REJÚV esthetics today to schedule a consultation at our Poplar Bluff office and find out more information about the VISIA® complexion analysis and FotoFinder Bodystudio ATBM Aesthetics solution!

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