Breast Cancer

Throughout all of October, REJÚV esthetics is collaborating with The Breast Cancer Charities of America and iGoPink to organize a Breast Cancer Beauty Drive to improve the fight against breast cancer!

Serving Poplar Bluff and the surrounding areas in Missouri, REJÚVesthetics is your premier destination for personalized skin care and advanced laser skin rejuvenation therapies. And while we strive to improve both beauty and confidence, we also focus a great deal towards giving back and being involved with our community.

What Is The Beauty Drive Exactly?

Think food drive, but with beauty products! To encourage awareness and education for breast cancer, we’re organizing a beauty drive where you’re invited to come on down and bring your unopened, new beauty products in exchange for a $25 Gift Card! We’ll make a gift bag for women all over the country who need a little cheering up through all the donations we receive here at the spa!

Why A Beauty Drive Though?

After suffering from breast cancer, many women suffer from body image issues and low self-esteem. However, through acts of kindness and care, we can all help bring smiles back on their faces. And so, that’s the reason for which we’re hosting a Beauty Drive – to help these women smile and feel like true women again!

How Does It Work Exactly?

It’s very simple. Take a look at our Beauty Drive 2018 Shopping List for reference to make sure you have the right items to donate.

Once you’ve gotten everything ready, simply visit us at the spa during our open hours and we’ll give you a $25 Gift Card for taking the time to help us make this a success!

Are You Doing Anything Else For Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

Absolutely! Alongside our month-long beauty drive initiative, we’re also hosting a Breast Cancer Special Spa Day for breast cancer patients. This is a day where we’ll be pampering and showering them with lots of gifts, love and appreciation!

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