5 Cool Things To Know About CoolSculpting

Before CoolSculpting was available, people went on rigorous diets and workout regimens to try and get rid of their belly fat. Unfortunately, these efforts rarely paid off in the way they were expected to. People still held onto their body fat despite all the sacrifice and hard work.

As it turns out, there was a missing piece to the puzzle of fat loss. And that missing piece was CoolSculpting.

But what exactly is CoolSculpting? How did it become a thing? Why does it work? And is it just another weight-loss gimmick?

In today’s post, we’re going to answer all those questions by looking at 5 cool things you should know about CoolSculpting!


1. CoolSculpting Freezes And Destroys Fat Cells

CoolSculpting is a non-surgical fat reduction treatment that uses technology to selectively target and eliminate fat deposits through a natural process called cryolipolysis. Cryotherapy is a process in which you can destroy fat cells through freezing without damaging other tissues. This is where the name CoolSculpting comes from – sculpting the body in the image you wish by applying cold temperatures.

Sounds a bit strange. What’s even stranger is how they discovered it.


2. CoolSculpting Was Discovered Thanks To Popsicles.

Yes that’s right. Popsicles.

A few years ago, Harvard University scientists made a peculiar observation – children who were eating popsicles suddenly had dimples manifesting in their cheeks. Through careful examination, they realized what was happening – the popsicles were freezing the small pocket of fat cells in the childrens’ cheeks. This is what ultimately would lead to the process of cryolipolysis being developed as an effective procedure to use to effectively target and destroy fat cells.


3. You Can Watch Netflix While CoolSculpting

One of the great things about it is the lack of cutting, needles or downtime when undergoing a CoolSculpting procedure. It’s actually considered a very relaxing procedure where people are often either napping, reading a book or watching a movie on their tablet. Because it takes about 30-60 minutes, it makes for a great time to catch up on any shows you’re behind on – knocking out two birds with one stone.


4. CoolSculpting Is Gradual And Lasting

The average person can expect an impressive 25% fat reduction with just their first session. Once the session is over, it takes about 12 – 16 weeks for the fat loss to occur and for your new appearance to take effect. This is because once the fat cells are frozen and destroyed, the body needs a bit of time to clean the dead cells out, leaving a more fit version of you. So if you’re planning on getting ready for the summer, you’ll want to start your treatment a little earlier in the year versus waiting right when summer is arriving.


5. CoolSculpting Is Not A Weight-Loss Procedure

While CoolSculpting can help with fat loss and get you to fit in your favorite clothes, it won’t do much on its own. The ideal candidate is someone who is about 20 lbs above their normal body weight and who is engaging in a healthy, consistent diet and physical activity. In most case, someone will need more than one CoolSculpting session to really achieve the ideal sculpt they desire. Having said that, CoolSculpting is only effective if the person is committed to upholding their diet and workout routines in a consistent manner. Otherwise, fat cells will simply re-emerge and the person will be back to square one.

So those are the 5 cool things to know about CoolSculpting. If you’re interested in learning more about how CoolSculpting works and if it’s right for you, you’re just in luck.



Watch Caitlyn From REJÚV Walk Through A CoolSculpting Procedure

We understand that the idea behind a CoolSculpting procedure can sometimes be intimidating to some people, even if they’re interested in the idea and might think it’s something they’d like to try it. We usually host CoolSculpting events so people can come and learn more up front about what it is exactly and get more comfortable with the whole concept.

But we also understand that some people are really busy and can’t always make these events. So we went ahead and made a small series of videos that show you what a CoolSculpting session is usually like.

Watch The Walkthrough



Come And See Us In Paragould On April 26th!

As it turns out, we’re hosting a Forget The Fat CoolSculpting Event in Paragould on April 26th! It’s a day made just for you.

We’ll be hosting it at 1707 Linwood Dr., Suite B in Paragould from 9 to 4. By showing up, you can expect the following:

  • Q&A Session – Come down and get specific with your questions!
  • Your Own Free Personalized Treatment Plan – We’d love to put something together for you!
  • Special Pricing On Treatments – There’s tons of cool pricing on our treatments!
  • Door Prizes And More – Plenty of surprises. But we can’t ruin it by telling you. 😉

Spacing is limited. So if you’re interested, you should RSVP immediately!




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